The Canadian Path

Is a grass roots initiative, used to revitalize all programs within the Scouts Canada Youth organization. The Canadian Path approach provides youth with more input and control of their scout program. Self-ensuring they find their path engaging, exciting, and challenging.

Join the 31st Scout Group, as we follow this Scouting journey, as it develops in a grass roots format, providing an all section approach to activities and leadership. Youth continue to progress through age appropriate scouting sections, while traveling along the Canadian Path.

The Canadian Path is intended to give more flexibility and control to the activities and learning skills of our youth in each section through the following primary themes:

Youth Led

Right from the start, Lord Baden-Powell�s vision for Scouting was of a program in which the youth took responsibility for their activities and adventures.

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Youth learn to create there own path through this exciting new process, The Plan-Do-Review method ensures Youth are getting the most out of there activity!

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Our youth have been asking for some new meaningful experiences, things that they will not experience at school. Let�s help them get out and have those adventures.


The SPICES concept gives the Scouts Canada program a useful framework to ensure well-rounded program offerings.

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