31st Sections

The 31st Scout Group, hosts many of the Scouts Canada programs and is a member of theWorld Scouting community. There are Scouting sections for every age group, from 5 to 26 years. Each section holds regular meetings with age appropriate activities. Youth (girls and boys) aged from 5-17 years and adult (women and men) aged 18-26 years.

The 31st Group Committee is composed of scouters and adults who oversee section activities and set direction for overall 31st Scout Group operations.

Note: Each section and the Group Committee have individually managed WEB pages using content management software. Viewers may experience page load delays and increased mobile "DATA" usage.

Beaver Scouts(5-7yrs)

Both Girls and Boys are invited to join Beaver Scouts. Beaver Scouts meet in a group called the Beaver Colony. The colony is split into smaller groups of uniquely named lodges.

Visit the Beaver Colony WEB site

Cub Scouts (8-10yrs)

The Wolverines Cub Pack meet on Tuesdays at 6:45PM, usually at the Scout Hall. The pack is split into smaller groups of Wolf Cubs, called a lair (sixes).

Visit the Cub Pack WEB site

Scouts (11-14yrs)

The Tiger Scout Troop hold regular meetings at the scout hall on Wednesdays, starting time is 6:45PM. The Scout troop youth are organized in groups called patrols.

Visit the Scout Troop WEB site

Venturer Scouts(14-17yrs)

Venturers meet in a group called the Venturer Company. Venturers develop and manage their own program with the help of an adult advisor.

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Rover Scouts (18-26yrs)

Rovers meet in a group called a Rover Crew. Rovers report their activities to the 31st Group Committee. Rovers may mentor and/or coordinate activities with the 31st Venturer Company

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Group Committee

The Group Committee is responsible for providing service and support to the overall operations of the scout group and leaders.

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