31st Parade Seats

For over 30 years, the 31st Scout Group has provided parade seating on 9th Ave and 6th Street as a fund-raiser to provide Calgary youth the Scouts Canada experience. Select Tickets above to find out just how fantastic our seats are.

Join us this year for the CALGARY STAMPEDE PARADE – FRIDAY JULY 6, 2018

31st Scout Group Online tickets are on sale now!

For the current details regarding seats available select “Parade Day Plans” .


Westward bound, Riders will mount up and bands will strike their first chords at the intersection of 9th Avenue and 1st Street S.E at 9 a.m. Thats right the 31st Scout Group parade seats are now closer to the begining, as the parade direction is now from East to West for our location. We still have a great view, facing North ( backs to the sun, fantastic photos, less heat ).

The parade features beautiful floats, the finest marching bands, riders, celebrities and interesting cultural entries. The Calgary Stampede Parade is on Friday July 6th, 2018. You are invited to view with us and enjoy the festivities. As a not-for-profit youth scout organization our volunteers use this fund-raiser in support of youth activities throughout the year.

Family volunteers assemble, usher, and join with over 900 spectators each year to watch the World Famous Calgary Stampede Parade event! For over 35 years folks like you have enjoyed our parade seats, one of the best viewing locations in town!

Check out all the bleacher Seat possibilities along the route this year.

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